Thursday, September 8, 2011

Read about OrderTrashCan

OrderTrashCan is a feature in WCS
  • This feature is ......? default in v7
  • This feature is enabled by default in v6
  • If the OrderTrashCan feature is disabled, when a user deletes an order item or requisition list item the table rows representing those items are removed from the database.
  • If enabled, these rows are updated to belong to the trashcan. .
How to enable?
  • Edit the wc-server.xml with below entry
  • TrashCanEnabled="true"/>
  • You can clear the trashcan by running the OrderTrashCanClear scheduled job which will delete the rows, or by using the Database Clean up utility

All about Schedules :


This table contains all scheduled job entries.
scchost -the host name of the instance on which the scheduled job will be run
sccpathinfo-the command name
sccquery-query string for the scheduled command.

The list containing what job will need to be run and the time when the job should execute
schactive.scsjobnbr =schconfig.sccjobrefnum

This table is a log of the status of scheduled jobs
schstatus.scsjobnbr =schconfig.sccjobrefnum
scsstate:state of the scheduled job.
scsresult: result of job: success or fail.

This table contains the exception information when a job fails to execute successfully.
This table contains the entries for scheduled orders

This table is used to log the status of broadcast commands for each of the clones
schbrdcst.scsjobnbr =schconfig.sccjobrefnum

The URLsthat can be used as a scheduled job by a store. This is for the Scheduler menu in the Administration Console.
supporting tables:CHKARRANG/CHKCMD