Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WCS 7 - product overview study notes

Features and benefits in WCS 7.0
Express –Professional –Enterprise
  • Madison starter store
  • Madison mobile starter store
  • Brazil starter store
  • MayUJoy starter store
  • Remote widgets
  • Coshopping
  • Subscription support
  • Product Ranking
  • Digital wallet
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Bridging
  • Websphere commerce search
  • IBM gift center
  • Punch-out payment
  • Payment plug-in, Payment rule engine, payment plug-in controller
  • Globalization and Localization support
  • Marketing + Coremetrics supports
  • Promotions
  • Distributed Order Management Integration(DOM)
  • Administration tool
  • Coremetrics integration supports
  • Websphere commerce Accelerator
  • IBM Management Center-Catalogs, promotions, marketing activity, assets and managing  store
Professional –Enterprise
  • Cross channel order processing
  • Sales Center
  • Workspaces
  • Auctions
  • B2B direct start store/Indirect starter store
  • Elite starter store
  • Extended site starter store
  • Demand chain business model
  • Supply chain business model
  • Contracts and Entitlement
  • Pricing
  • Request for quote
  • Enhanced Websphere Commerce search
  • IBM Management Center –catalog filter ,price rules, price list
Fix pack and Feature pack list

  • Fix pack 1
a)     Supports Feature pack 1
b)     Support IE8 for all starter stores
c)     Supports DB2 version 9.7
d)     Support for 64-bit WebSphere Application Server
e)     Support for Arabic language in the Madisons starter store
f)       Enhance WebSphere Commerce Accelerator Tax notebook to show start and end dates for tax rules
g)     Enhance returns capability to support non-ATP inventory
  • Fix pack 2
a)     Supports Feature pack 2
b)     Support for 32-bit AIX 7.1
c)     Support for Windows 7 on WebSphere Commerce 7.0 Developer Edition
d)     Support for Oracle 11gR2
  • Feature pack 1

WCS Editions
  • Websphere Commerce Express
  • Websphere Commerce Professional
  • Websphere Commerce Enterprise
  • Websphere Commerce Developer Express
  • Websphere Commerce Developer Professional
  • Websphere Commerce Developer Enterprise
  • Sales Center for Websphere Commerce
  • Gift Center for Websphere Commerce

Platform Details
  • Hardware
a)     Intel 32 bit,64 bit for Windows , Linux
b)     Intel X86, X86/64 –windows ,Linux
c)     SPARC – Solaris only
d)     Z series – Linux only
e)     POWER® – AIX® and Linux
  • Operating System
a)     Dropped –Windows 2000,Linux RHEL 3,Solaris 9
b)     Added –winserver 2008,win visa ,Linux SUSE 11
  • Browser
a)     Dropped –Opera ,IE 5,Netscape ,Mozilla ,FF 1 and 2
b)     Added – IE8
  • WAS server
a)     Websphere application sever 7
b)     Rational application developer 7.5
  • Database
a)     DB2 9.5         jdbcdriver db2jcc4.jar
b)     Oracle 11g     jdbcdriver ojdbc6.jar
  • Other Supports
a)     IBM Support assistant v4.1
b)     Websphere portal server 6.1
c)     Websphere MQ 7.0

New Features in WCS7.0
  • Multi-channel precision marketing
a)     Automated marketing based on an individual consumer’s preferences and shopping intentions
b)     Desktop Browser To Trigged Event To Marketing engine Rules To Marketing message To Desktop Browser (same for all touch points)
c)     In other words the consumer’s experience is extended with triggers, or events, that can originate from any touch point, such as a desktop browser, mobile device, or a kiosk. The triggers are processed by a rules based marketing engine which produces targeted marketing messages. These messages are routed to the same touch points which originated the trigger.
d)     IBM Management Center => Marketing tool => Activity Builder
e)     Dynamic add/delete of customers from customer segments
f)       Enhanced promotions tool usability
g)     New promotion features
  • Mobile Commerce
a)     Mobile Commerce is a method to enable mobile devices to participate in the shopping experience.
b)     A generic user interface optimized for mobile device interfaces is implemented with easily deployed page templates for these pages:
c)     Product information, order status, physical store locator, wish list, shopping list, and mobile message opt-in.
d)     Mobile messages can be sent to inform you of marketing information or for current order status.
e)     Mobile enabled pages integrate with Multi-channel Precision Marketing to provide a set of mobile enabled triggers.
  • Social commerce
a)     Social commerce uses Web social networking concepts to allow customers to market your products for you.
b)     The social networking concepts that have been implemented are
a.      product reviews and ratings
b.      product blogs at the category level
c.      user profiles viewable by others
d.      Photo galleries at the product category level.
c)     These social networking concepts involve data stored by external products and services.
d)     The integration of these products and services are accomplished with WebSphere sMash technology.
e)     Bazaarvoice is a third party service provider that provides a service for hosting ratings and reviews.
f)       Pluck is a third party service provider that provides a service for hosting blogs, profiles, and galleries.
g)     IBM Lotus Connections is a product that also provides hosting for blogs, profiles, and galleries.

a)     The high efficiency data loading utility is provided for loading catalog, pricing, and inventory data for initial installation of a store implementation.
b)     It can also be used to update this data. Compared to the mass loader in V6, the data load utility is easier to implement the input data specifications, and provides improved performance and scalability for large amounts of data.
c)     The key improvement in the data loader design is that it supports data loading by business objects and data loading by database tables.
d)     This design also allows the utility to have better reliability and data consistency in the result of a load failure.
  • Starter store enabled by web 2.0
a)     The starter stores have been enhanced by adopting Web 2.0 technology at more current support levels. The starter stores have the ability to selectively enable Web 2.0 style shopping paths by using the Accelerator change flow function.
b)     The functional improvements are improved page layout and styling, more complete use of Web service tags, updated Ajax framework, and Dojo libraries updated to Dojo 1.3.1.
c)     Both the business-to-consumer and the business-to-business starter store business models adopt the Web 2.0 technology.
d)     Madison’s business-to-consumer starter store has the same functionality as Madisons in V6, feature pack 5. The Elite business-to-business starter store is new in V7.
  • Elite Business to business starter store
a)     The Elite business-to-business starter store has support for streamlined checkout, contract based pricing, buyer organizations, order scheduling and splitting, back ordering, save orders, and organizational participants.
b)     The Elite starter store also is integrated with Multichannel Precision Marketing using triggers, targets and actions.
  • Management Center enhancement
a)     The Management Center has been enhanced with more operations formerly done only in Accelerator. You can now create customer segments, create e-marketing spots, and change your password at login.
b)     General usability and efficiency has been improved with case-insensitive search, keyboard shortcuts, text edit undo and redo, and direct editing of list columns.
  • Migration assistant utility
a)     A set of migration utilities assist migrating older WebSphere Commerce versions to V7 using a graphical wizard on top of an Apache Ant script framework.
b)     You can migrate from V5.6.1 or from V6.0 with any feature pack enabled. You can also accommodate upgrading to a higher edition of the product.
c)     The Ant scripts handle migrating your database, applications and Web server configurations.

Changed Functionality

  • Madison starter store replaces Consumer direct
  • Apache Derby replaces Cloudscape database support
  • DB2 loop-back configuration has been removed on Unix platforms
  • Oracle database character set has been changed from UTF8 to AL32UTF8
  • Order trash can feature disabled by default
Deprecated and Discontinue Functionality

Deprecated Feature
New Feature
Accelerator.Change Flow                    
Management center.Store management tool
Accelerator.Manage Files                   
Management center.Asset tool
Accelerator.Change Page                    
Management center.e-Marketing spot
Management center.e-Marketing spot
Accelerator.Upload Logo                    
Management center.e-Marketing spot
Accelerator.Catalog tool                    
Management center.Catalog tool
Accelerator.Prmotion tool                  
Management center.Promotion tool
Accelerator.Marketing tool                 
Management center.Marketing tool
Accelerator.Price tool
Management center.catalogfilter,Pricing tool
Accelerator.Extended sites catalog filter  
Management center.catalog filter,Pricing tool
Accelerator.B2B contract catalog filter    
Management center.catalog filter,Pricing tool
Accelerator.Marketing engine               
Management center.marketing engine
Configuration Noun                         
Online store noun
Accelerator.content spot                   
Management Center.e-Spots
OMS/ERP integration                        
DOM integration
WCS payments                               
Payment subsystem and appropriate plug-in
Product Advisor                            
Websphere commerce search
Discontinue Feature
New Feature
WCS Analyzer
Coremetrics ,Omniature –see details
IBM Lotus quick place
See details
Staging check utility
Stagegroup – see details

  • Data Loading utility

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to create a user in wcs ?

There are several ways to create a user in wcs.

1. UserSyncBean myBean= new UserSyncBean( myuserProps ); is one of the way to create user and by adding values to USERS,USERREG,USERDEMO,ADDRESS,BUSPROF,USERPROFIL and MEMBER tables

2. UserRegistrationAddCmdImpl

3. comming soon ....

Friday, April 15, 2011

How to disable password invalidation in websphere commerce ?

update the wc-server.xml..

String strPasswordInvalidationSetting = WcsApp.configProperties.getValue("PasswordInvalidation/enabled", "false");


Websphere commerce server taking long time to start

-Please check the following stuff..
1)ComponentManager initComponent CMN0009S: Component Scheduler is enabled.
CNTR0098I: Container-managed pre-find persistent store synchronization disabled for bean: "WC#Enablement-BaseComponentsData.jar#SchedulerStatus".

Check the time to complete above code. - it could be your SCHSTATUS table with lot of data.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to setup Content spot , e marketing spot

key words - content spot, e-marketing spot, bipinkumar@gmail.com

1. Create an content in Accelerator-Marketing -Contents.
while creating conent in text use value place holder eg : {name}.
Thios value will pass from the JSP at runtime
2. Create an EMarketing spot in Accelerator-Marketing -Contents.
3. Decide your webpage locattion to display the content
4. Open and check the ContentSpotDisplay.jsp
5. Copy paste below code to your jsp ..

< c:import url="../Snippets/Marketing/Content/ContentSpotDisplay.jsp">
< c: param name="spotName" value="mycontent1" />
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{spotname},${spotName}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{myname},${name}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{myid},${id}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{mycomment},${comment}"/>

< / c:import>

-You can repeat above steps for displaying multiple content spots
-Alignment issue can be resolved in ContentSpotDisplay.jsp

what is eSpots?: eSpots reserve space on your store pages in which content displays

2 types of eSpots-e-Marketing Spots(for marketing activity) & Content Spots(only for display- no marking )

what is the different between E-Marketing Spot ,Content Spot and Content ?
Here is the hirarchy
E-Marketing Spot contains -->Content
Content Spot contains ->Content

-place holder{name} -- this will be pass from the jsp
-no start date and end date

Content Spot
-atleast one content is mandatory -
-can be scheduled with start/end date
-call the content spot name in jsp to display the attached content

E-Marketing Spot
Add emaiil activity ( send promotional mails for selected group in
specified time(capture all userinput from the mails )

Add web activity(start,end date,priority,status) - also add
-days to display
-activation types
-product recommendation
-Category recommendation
-Advertisement(only contents - NO CONTENT SPOT here )
-cross sell
-Target customers
-customer segments
-Target customer behaviors


for calling e-marketing spot use below jsp
< c : import url="${jspStoreDir}include/eMarketingSpotDisplay.jsp">

< / c:import>

Monday, April 11, 2011

All about Webspere commerce promotions

  Promotion Tables
  How to stop promotions?
  • Stop promotion in table level. PX_PROMOTION/CALCODE
  • Stop promotion in instance level -wc-server.xml
    • RLPromotionComponentConfiguration -false
    • RulesBasedDiscount-false
    • component enabled="false" name="RulesBasedDiscount
    • Clean the promotion registry
  • Stop promotions from your customized commands /jsp

Search key words.
promotion promotions . XMLPARAM , PX_PROMOTION,
customize ,CategoryLevel, ProductLevel, mix and , Buy x , Get x free ,Mix and match and all promotion with calcode , create /edit calcode

How to create a promotion ?
--Comming soon

How to customize the promotions
--Comming soon

More about Promotion Engine ?
--Comming soon

Note : Pls Put your comments..